Thursday, 23 March 2017



Skincare has become my obsession lately. I don't know if it's because I'm getting older and  my skin is changing or the fact that I don't wear makeup as often as I used to but I really notice a difference in my skin when I do look after it. I'm not just talking about taking my makeup off properly but really giving it a deep cleanse daily. 

I hummed and hawed for ages about buying a sonic cleansing brush because they are so pricey but my skin was looking the worst it had looked in YEARS so I bit the bullet and purchased a Magnitone BareFaced. A pink one, of course ;-)

My Skin Type

I suffer from large pores/textured skin and always have the odd hormonal breakout. I have pretty oily/combination skin as I do sometimes suffer from dry patches, especially if I use abrasive face washes and cleansers. 

What is a Sonic Cleansing Brush?

In Magnitone's own words: "A combination of sonic oscillations + pulsed vibrations to deep-cleanse, massage and tone your skin at the same time, just like a mini workout".

Why Magnitone?

I opted for a Magnitone Sonic Cleansing Brush over other leading brands because of a few factors. Price being number 1. Really budget friendly and with so many stockists like Look Fantastic, Feel Unique who ALWAYS have discount codes floating around it definitely hooked me in.

Secondly, I liked the look of it. Sounds a bit strange, right? Well my thoughts were, to entice me to actually want to properly clean my face every day (cause it's such a chore) I thought if I had a pretty tool it would make me want to use it (I'm a sucker for pretty things, packaging being my downfall) and I was right! I use it every morning and night and my skin has seriously thanked me for it. 

There are 2 settings: Facial Cleanse and PulseLift Toning Mode. Both modes last 60 seconds to stop over-cleansing and aggravating your skin. 

It's waterproof. You can use it and store it in the shower.

What's in the box? 
  1. Magnitone BareFaced2
  2. Wireless USB Travel Charger
  3. Travel Bag
  4. Magnitone Membership Card
  5. 12 month warranty

    AND When I bought my Magnitone BareFaced, I also got a FREE shower holder worth £20.00!

Magnitone have a great variety of brush heads. I am desperate to try the Pore Perfection replacement heads. I've already noticed a difference in my pores with the Active Clean brush head, can you imagine what this brush head will do for my pores?! Giddy at the thought. 

My confidence hits rock bottom when my skin is at it's worst but my Magnitone BareFaced has really helped me beat overcome my fear of being well, bare faced! My skin is noticeably brighter, pores are less visible and the overall texture of my skin is so soft and smooth.

If you fancy trying out a Magnitone BareFaced - they are offering free delivery on their website this week. Would make an amazing Mothers Day present ;-)

Saturday, 3 December 2016



Whilst I was pregnant, I didn't get that pregnancy glow everyone talks about. Yes my hair grew thick but to me the "new hair" that had grown just looked like broken hair; short and dry. My skin went dull and greyish and my lashes disappeared. I don't know where they went but their disappearance definitely didn't help my tired looking eyes. To be honest, I didn't really care up until a few weeks ago (my little Harry is now 6 months old, I can't believe how fast the time has gone!) and now that I have more time to myself, you know to do my makeup etc, I realised that none of my mascaras were giving me my usual spidery looking lashes. 

I tried Revitalash (eyelash serum which retails at £60!!) a few years ago and it made a huge difference to my lashes but it is SO expensive and what new mum on maternity pay can afford to shell out on ridiculously expensive beauty products, regardless if they work or not?? Not me anyway, so I was super chuffed when fLash sent me their Eyelash Growth Serum to try. 

"A lash conditioning serum like this has never been available before at such an affordable price with such a powerful promise."

I started using the product on the 9th August and used it religiously morning and night for 3 months.

Here is a picture of my lashes before with and without mascara (Benefit's Roller Lash) so you get a true idea of what my lashes were like before:



So how does it work?

fLash Eyelash Serum penetrates the skin to reach the lash follicles where it coats them with fLash’s advanced conditioning formula. You apply the serum right along your lash line, as  if you were applying liquid eyeliner. After using the product for 3 months you are supposed to be left with long, fuller lashes. 

£35.36 gets you a 2ml tube, which used daily should last approximately 3 months (it lasted this long for me) AND if thats not enticing enough, fLash offer a 90 day money back guarantee if you're not happy with the results!! 

Are you ready to see my results? You won't believe your eyes......



I am blown away by the results. My lashes are noticably longer and thicker. I friggen LOVE when a product that promises to work actually works and nothing makes me happier than seeing the results and comparing before and after pictures. I am obsessed with how long my lashes are. I literally had 1 coat of Roller Lash mascara on and my sister thought I had gotten individual lashes put on because my lashes looked so long! 

Here is the link to buy fLash eyelash serum -

I hoped you enjoyed my review. Leave a comment below if you've tried any eyelash growth serums.



Saturday, 17 September 2016



When I first found out I was pregnant, it is true when people say a rush of emotions come over you and you ask yourself a million and one questions; "Am I ready?" "Can I afford a baby?" "Will I be a good mum?" "Can I cope?" "Do I need to stop taking my medication?" You see, before I fell pregnant I was taking anti-depressants on and off for a while. I battled with myself daily as I hated the thought of relying on tablets to make me happy so I would stop taking them but then I'd have a meltdown and realise I did need them and they helped me. My best friend died, almost 3 and a half years ago now, of an undiagnosed brain tumour. There were no real warning signs. We knew she hadn't been very well but the doctors failed to recognise the signs. I'll never forget the day I got the news. My life changed forever. I became very sad, withdrawn and felt my heart was breaking a little more every day. I carried a lot of guilt for not realising how seriously ill my friend was and that I didn't do more. It still hurts every day, such a raw numb feeling that she is gone. But she is now my star in the sky and with me every day.

When you are depressed, you don't see things clearly and you become irrational. I left my job of nearly 8 years without having anything else lined up because I'd had enough. Mood swings are the worst. My boyfriend would spend hours googling depression and anxiety- "how to deal with someone you love that has depression". He was so understanding, he knew I couldn't help the fact that I'd be fine one minute, angry the next then burst into tears straight after. He pulled me out of some deep dark places and I will be forever thankful. It takes a lot of courage being a friend to someone who has depression. I can imagine how draining it is. I lost a few friends because of it. Some didn't understand. Some didn't even want to understand and some had just had enough of it. I can probably count on both hands the people that really stuck by me and there are no words to describe how grateful I am. I decided to stop taking the anti-depressants for my babies health and now I feel stronger than ever. 


I had a pretty normal pregnancy, no real problems just the usual heartburn, tiredness etc. It went really quick too. I still went out and enjoyed my usual activities. I do believe its mind over matter and if you stay in because you're tired - you will become even more tired and your pregnancy will drag! 12 days after my due date, my little boy was born. Again, very quick labour with no serious issues. He was a healthy 7 lb 14 oz and I was smitten. Unconditional love is the only way I can describe how I was feeling. I was bursting with happiness. I made this little person, obviously with the help of my boyfriend but still, he was mine and I was going to love him with every piece of my broken heart. Our house was getting renovated so we lived with my parents until Harry was 5 weeks old and my goodness, I don't know how mamas do it without their parents. I was so lucky to have the support I did. Now we are settled in our little family home and it's safe to say I feel the most content I've felt in a very long time. I still have the occasional bad day but now I have the best reason to try and pick myself up. I've not felt the urge to take anti-depressants or feel I need to rely on them to stabilise my moods. Being a mum is the best feeling in the world. I sometimes wonder why I didn't have a baby sooner! I really believe Harry is my little miracle in that he saved me. He's helped me be a better, stronger person. Don't get me wrong, its tough being a mum. Very tough. There are a lot of things fellow mums don't tell you, they'll sugarcoat certain things and pretend everything is hunky dory at home when it isn't but thats okay. There is so much pressure to be the "perfect mum" and be able to do everything when in reality it's a lot harder. Trying to do everyday tasks and take your baby to all the important baby classes is physically and mentally tiring but so rewarding. Harry is nearly 5 months now and I still feel like I am winging it every day but I am having the best time learning. Becoming a mum helps you realise who and what is important. Not to stress the small stuff and focus on being happy and healthy for your child. It's so exciting watching him grow and learn new things every day- all babies really are little miracles! 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better behind all the makeup. 

Thanks for reading xo

Friday, 19 August 2016



Makeup, skincare, haircare, nailcare... jeez the list goes on and our poor bank accounts are proof of just how much money we spend grooming ourselves! Yes, I am guilty, guilty of overspending for majority of my life. I sometimes wonder how much I've spent over the years (hundreds, maybe thousands? AHH) but......well there is no point worrying now, the damage is done and I'm the first to admit that I am a self confessed beauty junkie/shopaholic/advertisers dream. But so what, makeup makes me happy. The cost of it though, does not. 

I often find myself fighting with myself whether to buy certain products, especially if it's a rather pricey product. I never used to be like this though. I used to buy ANYTHING and unfortunately learned the hard way, that just because something is expensive, doesn't necessarily mean it works or that its a good product. How annoying is it when you fork out all your hard earned cash on a product that doesn't live up to expectations? Nowadays I'll browse online to see if there is any cheaper dupes/alternative products but sometimes, they can be a waste of money too!

SO I thought I'd share a list of my 'holy grail/ride or die' (worth the money) products to show that some products ARE worth spending a little bit extra. Call it an investment ;-)

1. Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray- £22

Everyone needs a setting spray in their life and this is my number 1 I always reach for. It sets all the powders down on my face and it makes my makeup last all night. I never need to reapply my makeup on nights out. 

2. Chanel Tan De Soleil Universal Bronzer - £32

One of the most natural bronzers I own. It gives such a gorgeous colour pay off as though you'd been away in the sun. The tiniest bit goes a long way so definitely worth the investment. I use mine with a Sigma F88 kabuki brush and it blends like a dream!

3. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - £31

I'm all about the matte full coverage foundation and this is photoshop in a bottle. My skin looks flawless when I wear this foundation and I find myself reaching for this more than any other foundation I own. I love it that much I have 3 shades!!

4. Becca Cosmetics & Jaclyn Hill - Champagne Pop Shimmering Skin Perfecter - £32

I'm not really sure what we did before highlighting became the phenomenon it is now - how dull and flat would our skin look?! I own a couple of higlighters yet I reach for this every single time. It's the perfect champagne gold shade that just compliments any makeup look I create. So pigmented and gorgeous - worth every penny!

5. Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette- £38

I kid you not, I've had this palette for 3 or 4 years and look how untouched it looks yet I use it nearly every time I go out! Such a good variety of colours and they are all super pigmented. £38 is amazing value for money when you get 12 eyeshadows. I can't believe it has lasted me as long as it has - another product definitely worth investing in. 

6. Beauty Blender - £16

Again, what did we do before beauty sponges? Beauty Blender were the first to come out with the idea of dampening a sponge then applying your makeup with it, sounds a bit odd but it actually works so well. I've never had such flawless looking makeup before. There are so many brands that have brought dupes of the sponge out but I've had this beauty blender a good while now and it's going strong. I've tried other sponges that once you wash them, they fall apart!! So £16 may seem a bit steep for a sponge but I think it's definitely worth an investment. 

7. Laura Mercier Translucent Powder - £29

This is a must-have product for any beauty addict who loves a flawless finish. 

I use it mainly for setting concealer under my eyes or areas on my face which are likely to crease. It's a finely milled powder so it doesn't cake under the eyes or stick to any dry patches on my face. A little goes a long way as well so again, another product that is great value for money!!

When you're thinking about buying makeup from the drugstore/supermarket, remember this: you get what you pay for. Usually when you pay more for makeup, you're paying for a number of things: a reputable brand name, the packaging, pigmentation and quality. 

I hope this blogpost helps you if you are undecided making your next makeup purchase!

What are your ride or die products? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading


Sunday, 14 August 2016



All babies are different but 1 thing they all have in common is that their skin is extremely sensitive, especially in the first few weeks from birth as their skin has not yet managed to build up a protective layer to fight off any bacteria, irritants etc. It's important you keep their skin hydrated and moisturised by using products made especially for babies.

I was lucky enough to be sent some Sebamed baby products to try out on my little one. I didn't even know they did a skincare range for babies so I was super excited. I've always raved about Sebamed products and I know how extremely gentle they are on my skin so I felt confident on using them on my baby. 

Why choose Sebamed over the other leading baby brands? 

Sebamed products have been developed with the same pH level as healthy skin (pH5.5) making them suitable for the whole family to use. Normal soaps, when used with water, have a pH level between 8 and 12 which can affect the skins defence against irritants and dehydration. The products are cruelty-free, ultra-mild and hypoallergenic (unlikely to cause an allergic reaction).

I've used all the products on Harry now for around 3 weeks and I can honestly say they are great and I love every single one. The products smell incredible! Not a strong medicinal smell that might irritate the skin but a really soft "baby powder" smell. Each product left Harry's skin like velvet, so soft to touch but thoroughly cleansed and fresh. I'd been using a few other baby brands on Harry before I was sent the Sebamed products and I can honestly say his skin has never been so soft. 

My favourite product was the lotion. It just sunk into Harry's skin so easily, no need to rub vigorously. It didn't leave a tacky or sticky layer which is a huge thing for me as Harry hates being naked and it's always a rush to get his clothes on quickly before a screaming match occurs!! 

Emma, thank you so much for allowing me to try them out on Harry. I still can't believe I didn't know there was a range designed specifically for babies!! 

If you want to try out any Sebamed products, they are currently offering 20% off when you sign up to their newsletter and free delivery when you spend £20. The products are so reasonably priced anyway but when your a mama getting very little maternity pay, every little helps!! 

Lots of love to my fellow mamas - you are all truly amazing!

Monday, 8 August 2016



I never really understood the importance of good makeup brushes until a few years ago and to think I've been wearing makeup since I was 13 (I am now 27), it's safe to say I was a little late at realising their importance. You can buy the best makeup products in the world but if you don't have the right tools - the finish is not going to be nearly as good as it could be. 

Choosing the right brushes can be hard, as most brushes are versatile and can be used for more than 1 purpose. i.e. just because a brush is called a blush brush, you don't need to use it solely for blush purposes. You may prefer to use it for bronzer or even a powder brush. There are no rules, just what works best for you - trial and error really.

So why choose a certain brand over all the other brands in the market? Well, my makeup brush collection has grown over the years and I own a number of different brands: Sigma, Crown Brush, Real Techniques and Zoeva. All are very similar in quality and in price. 

I was kindly sent the Royal Golden Collection from Six Plus Cosmetics in exchange for my honest review. The set contains 11 synthetic brushes which have wooden handles and aluminium ferrules. Each set contains:

1. Powder brush
2. Foundation brush
3. Blush brush  
4. Contour brush 
5. Small blush brush 
6. Highlight brush 
7. Blending brush  
8. Eyeshadow brush 
9. Concealer brush 

10. Angled eyeliner brush  
11.Eyebrow brush 

So if you are a beginner or are looking to build up your brush collection without breaking the bank then you seriously need think about purchasing the Royal Golden Collection from Six Plus Cosmetics. For £28.99 you get 11 brushes which is incredible value for money. They also come packaged in a leather carry case along with brush guards, ensuring the longevity of the brushes and will be great for travelling with. They look good, work well and are incredibly amazing value for money. I am yet to find another brand that offer quality brushes at this price, offering free delivery and a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! Seriously.... what more could you want??

However you do need to have an Amazon account to purchase the brushes:

#sixpluscosmeticsuk #sixpluscosmeticsfr #sixpluscosmeticsde #sixplus #sixplusbrushes 

I hope this review helped if you were thinking of purchasing some new makeup brushes!

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 30 July 2016



Sounds too good to be true right, friction free shaving, silky smooth legs... Well, I thought so too until I tested it out. In a nutshell, Friction Free Shaving (FFS herein) is a subscription service that deliver a razor handle and blades straight to your door every month for a small charge. And when I say a small charge, I mean a very small charge. 

FFS offer 3 different beautiful razor handles; Faye, Frankie & Samantha. The difference being the number of blades. I opted for the Samantha razor. I don't know if it was the shiny gold colour or the fact that each head has 5 blades and a Vitamin E strip that enticed me to pick her but she is a beauty and only costs £7 per month! 

I honestly think I've tried every razor in the market. All of the Venus razors, mens razors and disposable ones and every single one (except the Venus razors) left me with an awful red bumpy rash where I had shaved, not nice at all! I loved the Venus Breeze razor, it had 3 blades and a built in gel bar to ease the friction and I was quite happy with it but the day after I had shaved, I felt I needed to shave again. I was always convinced that my hair growth was ridiculously quick. When I did attempt to re-shave over freshly shaved skin it would burn like hell and leave my skin feeling sensitive and sore. But when you don't know better you just put up with it, don't you? Well ladies, not any more. Let me tell you my 5 reasons why you need to stop using your current razor and switch to FFS!
  • It does what is says on the tin. No friction = no nasty red lumps and bumps.
  • The price point. I feel like Venus have robbed me since my teenage years. I'd pay about £18 for 4 blades which is double what FFS charge AND you get 5 blades!
  • The fact that they deliver straight to your door with FREE POSTAGE AHH. No more last minute shopping trips because you forgot to pick up the £18 Venus blades. didn't forget more like you grudged paying the price and decided you'd rather be hairy.
  • FFS look so luxurious and are such high quality you will display yours proudly in your bathroom. No more hiding your ancient, plastic, bright orange disposable razor..
  • And lastly, Samantha, my trusty FFS razor has given me the closest, smoothest shave I have ever have. I don't feel I need to shave every day. Hallelujah!
In my opinion FSS is a genius and cost-effective way to purchase razors. Hassle free and amazing value for money, what's not to love? 

Still not convinced? Check out the FFS website where they have lots of information on the different payment plans they offer; the razors and a billion other reasons why you need a FFS razor in your life.

Let me know if you are thinking of purchasing a razor and if this blog review helped. 

Have a great day and thanks for reading.

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